Hand Blown Honey Dipper
Hand Blown Honey Dipper
Hand Blown Honey Dipper
Hand Blown Honey Dipper
Hand Blown Honey Dipper

Hand Blown Honey Dipper

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Every $20 spent SAVES 5,000 BEES!

These fine hand blown glass honey dippers are made right here in Austin Texas y'all! Just like any work of art, every single one is unique. The glass blower, Mike, is a master of his craft and he pours his heart and soul into every single jar. Each dipper will hold about a pound of honey and will come with its first fill of honey.  

We've teamed up with the artist to produce two types of glass honey dippers. The first would be an all clear glass dipper with no special flame-work. The second would be up to the artists 

control and would have its own bee figurine carefully placed on top. Please note that because this item is handmade no two are quite the same. 


Each honey dipper will ship separately to ensure nothing is broken upon delivery. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.  Because of the custom nature of this product we are currently not accepting refunds for this item. 

You can literally help save the bees when you purchase from Green Tsunami Foods. Profits from this item go to support the safe rescue, relocation, and rehabilitation of honey bees through our partnership with the American Honey Bee Protection Agency.

We really like bees. That's why we practice "bee approved" beekeeping and bee wrangling, then donate the profits from this honey to a powerful, no-kill bee rescue operation.


Profits from this product are donated to the American Honey Bee Protection Agency to support the safe rescue, relocation, and rehabilitation of wild honey bees. Every $20 you spend on 

Green Tsunami Honey saves around 5,000 bees.

Together, we can save the bees! Thank you! We need our pollinator friends.


The Shipping & insurance fees are based on package weight. Our products are well packaged, which add some extra weight to the overall package. Your shipping fee guarantees delivery and the integrity of the glass. If a jar is broken upon receipt, we will send you another replacement jar at no extra charge.


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