Bee Woke Coffee
Bee Woke Coffee
Bee Woke Coffee
Bee Woke Coffee
Bee Woke Coffee
Bee Woke Coffee
Bee Woke Coffee

Bee Woke Coffee

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==> A 12oz BAG OF COFFEE SAVES ~5,500 BEES!

We have a very small supply of our delicious, aged coffee beans from one of our apiaries in Nayarit, Mexico. 

"This is the most aromatic and delicious coffee I have ever tasted. It is bold, but not acidic—buttery upfront with a strong finish."

Every 12oz bag of Bee Woke Coffee helps us save 5,500 bees! We keep bees all over Texas and Mexico and one of our properties happens to have hundreds of coffee plants on it, right on latitude 21 (the perfect equidistance from the sun for growing coffee—compare climate to that of Hawaiian Kona coffees). We have been perfecting this coffee and our roasting process with friends and family for several years, but the time to offer it in an incredibly small supply to the public is here!

These beans are high in body and low in acidity. We maintain chemical-free farming practices on all of our properties. Rather than taking the beans and immediately processing them then roasting, our raw coffee beans have aged in the cherry for a full year.

Aged coffee is not the same as old coffee. Our coffee is carefully aged and regularly monitored. The beans are rotated to distribute moisture and prevent mold and rot from occurring.

This coffee is aged at its origin in Nayarit, Mexico. We age it here, at a higher altitude, because the temperature and humidity are more stable than at lower elevations.

Like wine or whiskey, we age our coffee to impart a deeper, richer flavor and give our coffee beans an aroma that is second to none. This also gives us far greater control over the roasting process.

This batch of aged Bee Woke Coffee is a moderately dark roast, which evens out the flavor and accentuates the body of the coffee.


This is a limited reserve coffee, meaning we did not treat or push the land to produce more coffee than naturally occurs.

Since we take such care in our process and our beans are aged one-year, we are only able to produce small runs of this coffee flavor profile. Once this coffee is gone, it's gone. This coffee will have a slightly different flavor profile every season and every time we pick the beans. But every time, you can bet—it'll be delicious.

At Green Tsunami, we make sure our products are chemical-free and all-natural. We maintain the integrity of our farmland by assuring nearby farmers do not spray pesticides, so our bee colonies and produce are never in danger.

We really like bees. That's why we practice "bee approved" beekeeping and bee wrangling, then donate the profits from this coffee and our other bee products to a powerful, no-kill bee rescue operation.


Profits from this coffee are donated to the American Honey Bee Protection Agency to support the safe rescue, relocation, and rehabilitation of wild honey bees. Every $20 you spend with Green Tsunami saves around 5,000 bees.

Together, we can save the bees! Thank you! We need our pollinator friends.


Shipping & insurance fees are based on package weight. Your shipping fee guarantees delivery and the integrity of each bag of coffee. If anything in your order is damaged, we will send you a replacement at no extra charge.

Due to high volume, we are experiencing a one to two week lead time in fulfilling orders. Thank you for your patience!

This Product was featured on Discovery's "Bee Czar"