Shipping and Refunds

We are committed to deliver 100% customer satisfaction, if you are ever unhappy or there is an issue with item(s) your received from us, please reach out and let us know and will work to make it right. 

Small Business Challenges

Our recent national exposure on "Bee Czar" on the Discovery channel has lead to a challenging time for our small business. With customers expectations set by companies like Amazon, that offer free 2 day shipping, our small business just can't compete with that timeline. This is especially true as we rely on glass to house our honey, which is heavier and increases shipping cost. Please allow 14 days for from order to shipping for us to process your order. 

We are constantly working to bring the very best honey and honeybee inspired products from around the World and working to ensure that our products support the mission of the American Honey Bee Protection Agency, as well as being products our customers will love.

Shipping Policy

Please allow 14 days from the date of order for processing. While we are generally much quicker then this, there are times that we need the extra time to properly handle your order. We ship around the world! 

Damaged Product Return & Exchange Policy 

Any damaged products can be returned & exchanged once it has been documented. Please send photos of the damage or defective product to and we will reach out to make it right. 

Crystallized Honey 

Honey will naturally start to form crystals and solidify over time. The time this takes depends on the type of honey, and it is a good sign! Crystalized honey means your honey is pure and natural, as the bees made it. To remove the crystals, place your honey jar in a small bowl of warm water. This might take some time, and you can slowly stir the honey if needed.